AMA Endorses Largest Denier of Health Care Claims

Patrick Tuohey of Big Goverment picked up our post about Medicare being the largest denier of insurance claims. They also mentioned our findings on Sean Hannity DiscussionFox Nation,  NewsBusters, the Mark Levin Show, Pirate’s Cove, Conservative ThoughtsWake Up America,  MIHealthfacts, Stoptheaclu, moreaboutpolitics, bizzyblog, Healthcare Horserace, the News Factor, Liberty Republican Forum, Insignificant Thoughts, Beltway Blips, Freedom’s Zone, American Daughter, Scared Monkeys, This Board Rocks,Conservative Black Woman, Qando, Outloud Opinion, pharmphun, Free Republic, ShrinkwrapNo QuarterProlifeblogsNews FactorMissouri RecordFree Public, Canada Free Press, Poynter Online, No Oil for Pacifists, A Disgruntled Republican, Brookfield 7, FullosseousFlap’s Dental Blog, myspace forumStupicaCoacheP, WOWOWOW, Jeremiah Films, Collecting my Thoughts, Dana Show, Bellingham Tea Party, Widgetbox, Truckingboard, Live Journal, Argue with Everyone, Liberty’s Army, Google Groups, All,, FOX Winknewsradio,, MacDoctor,, insureblog,,, Economistblog, Dailymarkets, Freemarketmojo, mjperry, NCPA, Politics Alabama, 1800blogger, fundmasteryblog, Healthcare Economist,, valuesvoternews, wallstreetblips, Yahoo Answers, prolifeblogs, This Blue Marble,, Businessweek, topix, 2secondsfaster, macresource, sprintusers, Mrswing,

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