Representative Pompeo Cosponsors Bill to Ensure Future Access to Agents

April 15, 2015

By Beverly Gossage

On February 9th, Representative Mike Pompeo (R-KS) pledged his support of a bill that promises to save thousands of jobs and make it easier for Americans to secure high-quality, affordable health insurance coverage. Read more »

What Do We Do If the Supreme Court Rules That Subsidies Through Are Illegal?

February 3, 2015

By Beverly Gossage

These subsidies affect about 5 million Americans or 1.6% of the population. They are among the 19 million who have purchased private policies. But this market has changed drastically over the last four years. Read more »

New Study Finds That HSAs Continue to Lower Costs

August 26, 2009

By Beverly Gossage

UnitedHealthcare released a new study today that shows that HSAs continue to have a positive impact on reducing health care costs in the second year of enrollment. Read more »

Using Vouchers for Medicaid Would Lower Health Insurance Rates in Missouri

February 27, 2008

By Beverly Gossage

The goals of any health care reform should include an emphasis on wellness, individual accountability for a healthy lifestyle, and wise consumption of health care. Subsidies should be reserved for the truly needy, with a system in place for smooth transition away from the program. Read article »

What Can be Done to Help Small Business Owners Deal with Rising Health Care Costs?

January 30, 2008

By Beverly Gossage

For small business owners, health insurance has become an expensive benefit to offer. That is the main reason 52 percent of small business owners in Missouri do not offer a group health plan, and those who do, want answers on how to reduce the rising cost of premiums. Read article »

“Insure Missouri” Strays From Path to Free-Market Reform

September 27, 2007

By Beverly Gossage

The ink is barely dry on HB 818, an innovative free-market health care reform bill that encourages individual responsibility and employer participation. Other states, including Kansas, are hoping to emulate it. Read article »

SCHIP Can Work with a Free Market Approach

August 27, 2007

By Beverly Gossage

The State Children’s Health Insurance Program should not be expanded, especially at the expense of our senior citizens. This program was originally created to provide health care for children whose families could not afford insurance but earned a little too much income to qualify for Medicaid. Read article »

Missouri Leads the Way to Free-Market Health Care Reform

Governor Blunt and Beverly Gossage

June 1, 2007

By Beverly Gossage

The Missouri Legislature’s bill to reform workplace health insurance provides a common-sense approach to health care reform, rather than more government intervention and bureaucracy. Read article »

Free-Market Health Care Reform in Missouri: A Primer

June 4, 2007

By Beverly Gossage

On Friday. Gov. Matt Blunt signed HB 818, making Missouri the first state to permit pretax contributions from small business owners to their employees’ individually selected policies. Unlike other health care reform “solutions,” this law offers a common sense approach to health care reform. Read article »

What is an HSA?

A Health Savings Account, or HSA, is a tax-free account you can use to cover your health care expenses if you have a qualified high-deductible health insurance plan. What are the experts saying about HSAs?

  • Former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, John Snow: “HSAs are a terrific option that I think every American ought to consider.”
  • Reuters: “They’re like a flex spending account on steroids; they’re better than an IRA.”
  • Inc. Magazine: “A 401K for health care costs…[HSAs] take the sting out of ever-rising insurance premiums.”
  • Motley Fool: “HSAs can be a great tool for reducing medical insurance costs and adding to your savings.”